Hello peeps..

have you ever thought of living an artful life??there lies intense secrets behind poetry.You just gotta find out how to unlock your potential.We might be abit biased, but we think world would be a better place if we give poetry a try.

Anyone can write poetry and everyone has something to say worth hearing.This is because writing allows tremendous insight into your own thoughts and feelings,so if you wanna be a poet just understand that you already ONE.So here are to some amazing tips of how to get your foot through the poetic door.

1.Write what you like

Steven Biko a famous South African Activist in his words ,”write what you like” reminds us that the easiest source of inspiration can come from within.If you are having a hard time trying to figure what to wrte ?? think about the things you like to read.Think about what is interesting to you and write from there.Perhaps you wondering what your dog is really thinking.. damn or maybe you forgot to call your grandmother on her birthday and you feeling awful about it.Whatever floating around your brain ,write about it.Allow your experienceexperiences to enrich your poetry.

2.Look at the world around you

If glancing inward doesn’t inspire you,that’s fine.start observing the outer world in stead.Think about writing landscape poetry about your environment. Try writing about your commute from school or work .what do u see?what’s going on around you??

3.Find your niche

One of the coolest things about poetry as a literary genre is that it’s so diverse when it comes to presentation and approach!_perhaps you are more of a visual thinker and want to use your words to convey your image.Well then you are in lick,because there are tons of different ways to do,from concrete poetry to graphic design .If you ate more interested in performance and public spaces ,consider attending opening mics and slam poetry.There’s an angle for everyone.Have fun finding your niche ,and then do some exploring outside of it….

Isn’t poetry amazing guys..yes it is…try this out and you gonna like every bit of the outcome..